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In Defense of Defense: Week One

Jeffrey Schulman, The Foreign Observer’s newest opinion columnist, will be writing a column about American defense in the context of foreign policy, which will be published every Friday. His areas of interest include US politics, public policy and strategic relations in the sphere of military-based topics.


This is my inaugural weekly column for the Foreign Observer. Every Friday, I intend to discuss an important matter in US security policy. I will address every matter with a given objective in mind, to answer this question: How can a US-led unipolar world be preserved and strengthened in this age?

The decades since the collapse of the USSR have been the most peaceful and prosperous in the history of our world. This is the result of an order that has been able to enforce uniform rules and standards across the globe with moral, rather than practical, matters serving as its guiding force. So long as one power can force its will without question, there is no possibility of escape for their influence. In a multi-polar world, rogue actors can play as competing powers against each other, ensuring that no power can act without damaging its strength vis-a-vis its competitors. The question remains that how will it be possible to maintain this favorable situation in an era of relative decline for the United States and its allies? And answering that question is the purpose of this column.
While on its face my work is centred on defense policy, my ultimate goal is to be interesting and provocative. For this reason, I will not hesitate to address controversial social and political issues that have a bearing on the order of power in this world. My ultimate hope is not to gratify my reader, nor to leave him/her satisfied. Rather, I seek to provoke ongoing thought about serious issues and hopefully spark discussion.

In essence, the purpose of this column is not just about my thoughts. It is about stimulating the minds of others. See you all next week!

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Jeffrey Schulman is a second year student, studying history and classics at the University of Toronto. You can check out his blog here:

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