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The Foreign Observer is University of Toronto’s student magazine and society dedicated to analyzing foreign and public policy initiatives with an interdisciplinary approach. Along with maintaining an online magazine, the group will also approach the analysis of foreign affairs and public policy from economic, foreign policy-focused, sociological, and philosophical perspectives. We seek to eventually host events on campus with relevant speakers and present opportunities for collaborative student research taking on both journalistic and analytic qualities.



Editor-in-Chief: Tannishtha Pramanick ’18 – tannishtha.pramanick@mail.utoronto.ca

Managing Editor: Felix Burns ’18 – felix.burns@mail.utoronto.ca

Foreign Affairs Editor: Arina Dmitrenko ’20 – arina.dmitrenko@mail.utoronto.ca

Finance Editor: Sara Hossain ’18 – sara.hossain@mail.utoronto.ca

Tech Editor: Mica Kong ’21 – m.kong@mail.utoronto.ca

Society Editor: Katie Schmidt ’20 – katiekate.schmidt@mail.utoronto.ca


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