The Foreign Observer seeks to publish a wide range of submissions from contributors of many backgrounds and experience levels. The Foreign Observer is currently looking for staff writers and independent contributions alike.



The Foreign Observer accepts pieces on a rolling basis. Contributors of all backgrounds are welcome to submit written pieces that demonstrate critical thinking and original perspectives towards world events. If you are interested in submitting a piece as a contributor, please see the guidelines below.


Join Us as a Staff Writer:

If you are interested in becoming a staff writer and writing for us on a regular basis, please send your CV and a brief writing sample (max 1,500 words) to or use this form to submit an application and see what positions are currently available.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must be original content or content published in other websites or magazines. For students: in-course work and past essays will not be accepted.
  • The Foreign Observer is not a news organization and seeks to provide an interdisciplinary and original perspective to global affairs, thus content must provide an analytical outlook and situational forecast and not be a mere explanatory piece.
  • Analyses must range from 1,500 to 3,000 words and be written in English, regardless of idiom.
  • North American standards are used, ie, currency signs precede prices  (“$14.00”), dates are Month Day, Year (“November 14, 1996”), etc.
  • Draft submissions must be in Google Docs format with shared access given to the the TFO email account (
  • Editing is done through the “Suggestions” features on Google Docs. Writers are allowed to password-protect the document if they wish to do so but must still allow for comments and track changes to be added to the piece.
  • There are no particular font requirements as they will be posted according to TFO standards.
  • In-text hyperlinked citations MUST be included with the draft. They WILL be posted online inclusive with your content, and they will be maintained for internal records if any issues arise.
  • Include a brief profile of the writer including current and past professional experience, educational background, expertise, research, awards and fellowships, amongst others, if you are an independent contributor OR it is your first submission as a staff writer/columnist.
  • In order to facilitate the posting process, writers are strongly encouraged to submit a feature photograph that is either original work of the writer or under a Creative Commons 2.0 attribution and includes citations (added at the end of the text) with dimensions 1200×800 px. To search for open-source images, click here.

Please understand that our editorial team does not operate on a full-time basis and submitted drafts may take up to five days to be edited. The posting process may take up to over a week (this includes submitting the piece to an available editor, editing, formatting, finding open-source images and posting) so we ask you do not submit pieces on an international event that is expected to occur within this time period as it is likely international circumstances may change and the analysis may need to be altered.

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